jacket heimstone seashell pattern sunglasses girl bun

Let’s start with a “hi” first, right ? So Hi, how are you ? I’m Romane, I’m 23yo and I live in Rennes with my boyfriend Alex and our cat Adonis. I have studied in a business school in Rennes, and now I’m currently working in digital marketing and communication.

Ok for that, but why a fashion blog ? I love fashion since I’m a little girl. Actually when I was young I was already rather demanding with my parents in terms of fashion and clothes. I used to wear only blue, with no zipper, and no button (I was a really nice little girl :)). I always wanted to work in fashion because this is what motivate me. So fashion is a passion for me since a while.

But this still doesn’t explicate why a blog. Actually this is my third blog, I closed the another one due to a lack of time. But this one is the good one. I really missed writing, my other passion, reading your comments … etc. Here I can talk more than on Instagram and so on I feel more “free”. This is why I want to share with you my passion for fashion but also other things not necessarily related to fashion.

I hope you will enjoy it ! And please be clement, my English is clearly not perfect but I do have an excuse, I’m French 🙂 (best excuse ever !!).

And if you need to contact me you can reach me via the contact section on the blog or by mail here : romaneslvat@gmail.com