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Hi guys,

Welcome to my new blog, article 1 edition 3. Yes, it my third blog (incredible, I know). My first blog was “talking about fashion” but I closed it once I was in preparatory classes, because I had not enough time to really take care of it. Then I opened Romane-SLVT when I was studying in Denmark, but same thing happened again, not enough time. And here we are, my third blog. Do I have more time ? Nope. But I really missed writing, reading your comments … etc. This blog is really particular to me because it has been created by my boyfriend (#heartwithmyfingers), and thought by us two.

So, briefly, what will you find here ? Fashion, first and obviously because it has been my obsession since I was born. So you will find some outfit, some wish lists, a lot of cool stuff, at least I hope. In the lifestyle part you will find inspirations, recipes, beauty, basically all the stuffs that does not concern fashion but which I would like to talk about. Finally in the “travel diary” part you will find, as its name suggest, some pictures, advices and thoughts about my travel and also the best spots in Rennes. Yes, I have not tell you, but I’m from Rennes, Brittany (yes, I’m French this is why my english is not that good).

But now let’s talk about this first outfit. First, as you can see, I’m wearing the most magnificent jacket of the entire earth (too much ? never). Joking aside, this jacket is from a French brand, Heimstone and I really like it because of its patterns. Seashell pattern. O M G. Love it. So much. This jacket is really a master piece for me, and this is why I choose to wear it with a basic outfit, black jeans and black t-shirt. I’m not really the kind of person who love to mix pattern so I prefer to have a basic outfit with this type of jacket. Creepers are from Public Desire and they are a sort of dupe to the collaboration between Puma and Rihanna. Love them.

You will see later that my style is not really original. I like black, grey and white (white t-shirt forever <3). My inspiration are scandinavian mostly (fashion revelation : when I lived in Denmark), I love minimalist styles, and stuff like that. But I think it’s a bit silly to describe your own style, first because there is no point to do this and the because it is too difficult (for me at least).

This is it, I talk too much, let’s skip to the outfit !

Enjoy !


Jacket Heimstone on ShopnextdoorT-shirt Margaux Lonnberg – Jean Corleone (same here)- Shoes Public DesireJewels Bonnie Parker Jewelry, Bijoux Leone, Pascale Monvoisin.


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